Illustration and Graphic Design

Life in the Time of COVID-19

Illustration commissioned by FYA (2020): Young Artists Examine Life In The Time of COVID-19

Covid-19 looks like cancelled shows,
denial, acceptance, bank accounts low.
Galleries, studios, doors closed shut;
projects on the line and thousands cut.

Quiet at home but, damn, noise is LOUD!
So many opinions in the online crowd.
Do I post to share or to prove, I wonder;
Fear I might steal the experts’ thunder.

Those racing to buy, to get tested first
Same old, same old are feeling the thirst.
Now we’re being blended together, at full speed
Our common pain is exposing the greed.
Those with power sharpening knives
Are uprooting even wealthier lives.
Each action matters in this whirlwind flood
To slow the blender from drawing more blood.

In the meantime, becoming reconnected
with care and truth, enough has been deflected.
Social support is FINALLY coming through
because, indeed, we always had the option to…

To question centuries of inequality here,
to appreciate what happens under crippling fear,
to empathise when families are forcibly separated,
to see how our collective creativity patiently waited.

Illustrations - Grizzle Guts

“Grizzle Guts was founded on the belief that everybody deserves the very best chance of achieving positive gut health outcomes.” >

Copyright of Grizzle Guts

Tattoo Designs

Message me with your idea and I’ll let you know what I can do!

Tattoo done by @keshna.sana>  


The drawings below have been mostly done as part of birthday presents or fundraisers I participate in where I award donors! If you have a quirky caricature idea, hit me up with a photo and I can provide a quote :)  

Illustrations - Karma Collective

A selection of cards I’ve designed for the Karma Collective. A vailable for purchase online, with profits going to help protect and improve the lives of animals in need. >

Copyright of Karma Collective


Email: gentownsend.artist

Instagram: @gentownsend.artist

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I acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians and Elders - past, present and emerging, of the Kulin Nation on which I work and create. I recognise Aboriginal connection to material and creative practice on these lands for more than 60,000 years, and celebrate First Nation peoples' enduring presence and knowledge.